Welcome to Seaside Chateau Belize

Set between the mouth of the Old Belize River and the Caribbean Sea in Belize, this 2.5 acre property is the best of both worlds.

To the east of the property is a natural Estuary that has emerald green waters of the river thriving with many fish species, manatees and is the “baby making” spot for many fishes. At the mouth of this beautifully landscaped resort is the Caribbean Sea with awesome views of the many changing colors of the sea. Walk along our resort streets as the white beach sand squish between your toes as you take in the breath-taking views of this unspoiled area surrounded by 40ft tall White Mangroves or look up to see the many Parrots, Hummingbirds or Seagulls flying by in our beautiful Belizean sky. 

The day is not fully enjoyed without taking a dip in the 40ft Infinity Salt Water pool with spacious deck to sun bathe or read your favorite novel. 

Free Daily continental breakfast is served at our outdoor restaurant or have lunch at the pool. 

Fully Belizean Owned and operated by David and Amanda Betancourt both locals who love to travel and explore new places with their 5 kids. Their love of vacationing and meeting new people was a part of the drive behind building a hotel. Both David and Amanda are former hotel workers working as cook helpers, waitress, bartender and in the maintenance department. We are service driven people who worked in the tourism business for 20 years combined. To move from waitress and maintenance worker to hotel owners is a great feat that was achieved through the grace of God, hard work, self-discipline and the help and advice of many friends and family.

This symbiotic relationship will allow our guests to feel at home at our "Little Heaven where the Belize River meets the sea on the outskirts of Belize City."

History of Seaside Chateau’s location in Steamboat Creek: In the 1800's the British settlers of Belize exported both Mahogany and logwood. These huge trees were floated down the Old Belize River to be sent to England and other parts of the world. At that time, African slaves were brought to Belize to work in the jungles of this rich land. In the 1820's it is estimated that 3-4,000 men were working in these camps. Belize, then British Honduras at the time, was inhabited by indigenous Mayas, British merchants, and African slaves working to export the very valuable Mahogany tree and Logwood to be used to make furniture. During this time the Old Belize River was a vital source for commerce that allowed thousands of mahogany trees and logwood to build the country of Belize.

Belize City, the former capital of the country of Belize, is now the robust financial capital. This unique location in the middle of the country makes it a great hub to go out and explore the jungle life, the ancient Mayan Ruins, the islands and then come back home to the Belize City to relax and rest.