Seaside Chateau Belize Reviews

Seaside Chateau Belize Reviews

Mikel Jorgensen

A month ago
Vacation | Family
Myself and my wife went to Belize for relaxation and the opportunity to meet people from a different country. We didn’t go looking to party with people from our own country. We found this wonderful place off the beaten path with very gracious, welcoming locals. If you want the Hilton, go there!
From the owner to the groundskeepers, we felt very much at home. There’s no market nearby, but Alex was more than happy to see to it we had whatever we needed. He took us on a tour of the real Belize, not the tourist traps. Very knowledgeable and laid back. He went out of his way to make us feel welcome.
Jones, a splendid young man, took us up the river for a wonderful journey. Also very knowledgeable and pleasantly laid back. He knew of all the wildlife we came across and excellent stories of his experiences with each. We ate pecan fruit and many other fruits in the wild. We were very comfortable with his boating skills.
We witnessed other guests that probably had bad comments. They pretentious and rude. If want to lay back and relax, this is the place!
Leave your attitude at home. We look forward to returning!😎👍

Noteworthy details: They have crocodiles. They tell you that. Reports of bugs are from the ignorant. It’s the tropics, there’s bugs! We never once used our bug spray. I dealt with more in time in the Southern USA.
Rooms: 4/5 | Service: 5/5 | Location: 5/5

Hotel highlights
Great view, Quiet, Great value

Kris H

3 weeks ago
Vacation | Couple
There are several bugs that will love your foreign blood and will treat you as such!!

The room was great except for two things…first on the last night of my stay, my ac stopped working at one in the morning and second the lock to the “Hammans” cabin was a little loose, it locked but with difficulty.

The ENTIRE STAFF WAS AMAZING!! they were gracious hosts, polite and friendly, and the food was seasoned to perfection and left you wanting more!!😎
Rooms: 3/5 | Service: 5/5 | Location: 4/5

Hotel highlights
Romantic, Great value

C Mc

2 months ago
Vacation | Family
The rooms were a bit dated and quirky – nothing special, but they’ve done their best to make the common areas attractive and give the property a real vacation feel. The location felt safe and secure. AC and WiFi were good. Great views. Had fun on the viewing tower looking for crocodiles (didn’t see any). The restaurant prices (in US dollars only) felt like a scam and were overpriced, but the food was good. I wouldn’t stay here other than to have good access to the airport, which was what we needed, and it really did work out well for that. We got a lot of mosquito bites and I wouldn’t want to be outdoors here during the rainy season. But it met the need, plus a bit more.

Safety: Gated security with a guard.

Walkability: None.

Food & drinks: Good but overpriced. Watch out for the menu with US dollar prices only. It would be much less duplicitous to print both the Belizean and US dollar prices.
Rooms: 3/5 | Service: 4/5 | Location: 4/5

Hotel highlights
Great view, Quiet, Kid-friendly